I am a grandma.  I have three different names I go by, as of right now.  My grandson Max calls me YaYa.  My grandson Conner and granddaughter Ayla call me grandma.  My granddaughter Juniper calls me Gamma.  I have another granddaughter who will arrive anytime in the next few weeks.  I’m guessing her sister will teach her to say Gamma.  Honestly, I don’t really care what they call me as long as they do.  My name is not as important as what they will learn from me.


      What do I want them to learn from me?  I want to show them how to cook their favorite meals that I prepare for them.  I want to show them how to bake their favorite treat.  I want to teach them to love sunrises and sunsets, long walks outdoors, campfires and smores.  I want them to know that playing outside until they’re completely covered in dirt and sweat is fun.  I want them to know that work is hard and necessary, but can also be fun. 


      These are all good things, but I also want to teach them some hard truths.  A lot of the time, you may have to do some things you don’t like, to get to do the things you do like.  Life can be hard.  If life were fair, the horse would get to ride half the time.  You may not like the food on the table, but eat it anyway.  The person who made it needs to see you eat it.  


      I could go on and on.  Even as I’m writing this, more “stuff” comes to mind.  However, what do I really want to tell them?  I want to tell them that Jesus is real.  I want to tell them that He will never leave or forsake them.  I need them to know, just like my Mammaw told me, that the answer to every question they will ever have, is in the Bible.  I want to instill in them that God’s promises are true.  


      We have been singing one of Phil Wickham’s songs lately in church.  “You Are Worthy of My Song” is about this stuff.  Life isn’t fair.  God is real.  We will go through happy and sad times.  We will have struggles and trials, and through all of it, He is worthy of all we have.  We may not understand the reasons behind the things of this world.  I admit, a lot of the time, I question them.  I ask God why.  When my parents were sick, I questioned Jesus.  I told Him I was angry.  This is what I want to tell them.  


      He is the very best friend you will ever have.  He is the only one that can fill the empty holes in your heart.  If you follow Jesus, everything in life will not be easy, but you will never be alone.  There is not one thing that He doesn’t know how to handle.  This is what I want to tell them.


But, is it what I’m telling them?

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