The other day I came across this short little story by an unknown author:


“An old man stood on his front porch as flood waters approached. An Army National Guard truck stopped in the street and the driver called, “C;mon, we’ll take you to safety.” The old man answered, “Naw, the Lord’ll take care of me.” Later, as the flood waters reached the porch, a Sheriff’s department motor boat cruised up and the pilot yelled, “Hop in. We’ll take you to safety”. “Naw, the Lord’ll take care of me”. An hour later, as the flood waters lapped at the edge of the roof and the old man clung to the chimney, a Coast Guard helicopter hovered down and the crew chief yelled, “We’ll lower a basket and take you to safety”. Same answer, “Naw, the Lord’ll take care of em.” A few minutes later the water rose over the house and the man was swept away and drowned. As the old man stood before the Lord, he wailed, “Lord, why did you desert me?” Thus saith the Lord: “Wattaya mean? I sent you a truck, a boat, and a helicopter!

Get thee hence”! 


It got me thinking. How often do we look to God for answers, but ignore the response when it doesn’t look like we think it should? Maybe we are looking for financial security and God provides a job, but it’s not something we wanted to do for work, or we are praying for a specific outcome to a situation and God tells us to wait or simply says no, so we try to do things our own way. If we ignore God’s provisions and do things our own way, it’s likely going to lead us into a mess. I know I have been in my share of messes because I ignored what God was trying to tell me and only saw what I wanted to see. 


However, on the flip side scripture tells us that if we are living in faith, God will provide for all of our needs. Philippians 4:19 “ And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” In Matthew chapter 6 Jesus tells us not to be anxious about our life and shares examples of how God provides.. He provides food for the birds and clothes the grass of the fields. He reminds us that we are valued so much more than them. God knows our every need and Jesus tells us to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33. I can attest that this is so true. In my life there have been so many times that God provided me just what I needed. There was a time I was desperately struggling to pay my bills on my limited income and not knowing how I was going to pay my next bill. I prayed so hard for a second job and then got notice that my current job at the time was ending at the end of the school year. A few days after a friend reached out to me that I hadn’t heard from in years with a job opportunity that provided not only more than enough income, but a stable place to live and other opportunities I never would have dreamed I would have. 


I am so grateful to serve a God who provides for my every need even if it doesn’t always look like I think it should. Next time God sends a truck, boat, or helicopter I pray that we will recognize God’s provision and not keep waiting for something else.


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