Matthew 14:22-32 tells a story I have heard many many times starting in Sunday school to present day.  Most of us have heard or read it ourselves over the years.  It is the story of Jesus walking on water.  I hate to say it had become a story I know but never really examined.  There are a few things from this story that  have been revealed to  me this year.  


      First, when Jesus says, “ye of little faith”, He does not mean we don’t have enough.  He means it is short lived.  I think I may have written about this earlier in the year.  I don’t want short faith, I want long faith.  I want to keep believing and trusting God to follow through with His promises.  He will not fail.  He never has and He never will.


      The second two things have been shown to me more recently, one a few weeks ago and the other, just this morning.  I recently saw a man on Facebook talking about how he has a hard time raising his hands in church during worship.  He didn’t think others were wrong, he just never had done it and didn’t feel comfortable doing it himself.  Now, I’m not preaching to anyone.  This is something I watched, and it caused me to think differently.  It is so good.  


      This man just could not bring himself to raise his hands during worship. Just couldn’t do it.  Until one day, after he had been a father for a few years.  His son came running to him after having fallen and gotten hurt or something, and the boy reached his hands up to His daddy and said, “Daddy Help”.  He reached down and picked up his baby and held him and settled him down and then placed him on his own two feet again to go play.  


      This man then remembered the story in Matthew.  He was like whoa, I don’t have to be raising my hands in worship just to worship.  I can also do it to ask for help.  Matthew 14:30 says,  But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink, he cried out, Lord, save me.  I had to sit back in my seat and just think about that.  Life isn’t always good, easy, or wonderful.  Sometimes it’s all I can do to raise my hands and ask Jesus to save me. 


      The third thing hit me just this morning.  In verse 25, it says, And in the fourth watch of the night, He came to them, walking on the sea.  The fact that He is walking on water is, of course, what I have focused on my whole life.  I’m not saying it isn’t amazing.  It is.  It is a miracle!  But it says, in the fourth watch.  


      The Romans sectioned out the night into four pieces.  The Fourth watch is the last one.  It is when it is the darkest outside,  The time right before the dawn.  Are you feelin’ what I’m talking about?


He comes when we most need Him.  He shows up in our darkest times.  Troubles seem at their worst right before deliverance.  He is never late.  He is never early.  He is always there in the fourth watch.  I could cry sitting here at my desk.  Folks, He doesn’t just come to us in the fourth watch, He does it walking on water.  


      When I raise my hands in worship now, it is not only to praise and surrender to Him.  It is to reach my hands up in the middle of all my mess to say, “Help Me”.  He will come walking on water to me and invite me to join Him.

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