What does it mean to share your faith?


When I moved to Tennessee I was unsure of the folks on the road side that yelled and thumped their Bible. Frankly, it was a little much for me. I was raised in church, but it was hush hush! NO talking out loud. I didn’t understand why anyone had to stand on a busy street and yell about going to heaven or hell. Was anyone even listening? (Apparently, because I sure heard them)Time went on and I found so many people that shared a true belief in God. People talked openly about God and prayer…it made me feel really good. Everyone talked except me. I didn’t know what to say….


We are Gods creation! His children whom He loves and adores beyond our comprehension. Doesn’t it excite you to know God loves you?! Unconditional love. So how do we explain to others about our faith? Maybe if we had just a sliver of enthusiasm as the man waving his Bible, we could explain it. Faith is not a fade, it’s not an emotion we feel if we are having a great day… it’s a seed that grows…it’s God preparing the way, it’s life experiences, it’s spending time getting to know God. The more we know, the more we read His Word, the closer we get to Him…the more our faith grows. That feeling right before you get married, right when your child is born, when you stand on top a mountain, buy your first car, buy a cute puppy, or drop as the roller coaster takes your breath away at 100 mph..That’s nothing compared to faith! THAT is what we share with others. Faith is exciting!!! We want to spread that joy only God provides.


I know sharing our faith seems a little awkward. Just sit back, buckle your seatbelt and allow God to course through your veins! I know you have Him inside you….

I love you my friends. It’s time to plant. Go on out and plant the seed of faith.


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