I have the privilege to be part of a late night show on Twitch called Pastors After Dark, on this show we take anonymously submitted questions about anything and everything, then we give a biblical answer to them live.

During our off season, we’ve decided that we all need to be healthier, so we’re doing a “Biggest Loser” challenge. Essentially, for 90 days we are seeing how much fat we can lose and how much muscle we can build.

I’m no stranger to losing/gaining weight, I’ve done yo-yo dieting a lot over the years, this time I decided I wanted to do it the right and sustainable way. So I messaged my friend who is a physical trainer and asked him for advice. I told him that I was considering going back on Keto but he suggested that rather than that, I just eat good foods. He said, if you just eat whole foods and lean meats, you will get the results you’re looking for.

So simple. Just eat what’s good for you and it’ll give you the results that you want. On top of that, I’m eating at a caloric deficit, so I’m monitoring how many calories I’m eating then adjusting every week to meet the two pounds a week that I want to lose. Each week, I step on the scale, reflect on the previous week and make changes in the week going forward.

As I’ve been walking through this, it made me think, why don’t we do this in every aspect of our lives? When things aren’t going your way, when life is hard, when we feel emotionally empty, when we feel spiritually dry, instead of chasing all the things that are bad for us, why don’t we do more of what we know is good for us?

When we start feeling defeated, when we feel alone, when we feel like we’re not loved, when we feel like there’s no hope, when we feel like God isn’t there, when we feel like it’s over… reflect on what we’ve been filling ourselves with. During this season, have I allowed more good things into my life or more bad things? Am I spending more time with God or entertaining sin? Is my mind fixed on God or on sinful things? Have I spent all my time reading scripture or watching Netflix?

During hard seasons, when we feel this desperation, we should reflect on where we’ve been and what we’ve allowed to fill our minds and hearts. What we allow in will determine how we feel.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. –

Proverbs 4:23

This will be short and sweet, is your life going how you’d like? Do you feel how you want to feel? Is your faith as strong as you’d like it to be?

If not, reflect. Are you focusing on the good or the bad? What or who is influencing?

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