It seems everywhere I turn lately I see people struggling, hurting, and facing trials of all kinds. Some with big emotional things like family members with cancer, or children straying from the Lord, to small everyday annoyances of flat tires and minor illnesses. It really feels like our church family as a whole is being pushed to the limits with no end in sight. Maybe it’s just me but I feel God has been moving and working in the lives of those around us and I think the devil is feeling it too. He’s trying to get us down and distract us from all the little ways God has been blessing us. He is whispering his lies of defeat and failure and some of us are listening to them, but on the flip-side for every struggle I see I also see answers to prayer. Travel mercies being granted, surgeries being successful, and precious new babies being born healthy.


John 10:10 Jesus tells us, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” When all the worldly things start piling up and you begin feeling defeated or down, remember we serve the risen Savior who has defeated death. The devil can’t compete with our God. Don’t let his lies chip away at your faith. Turn to God and remember what James 4:7 says: “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.” We need to spend time with God in prayer and through mediation on the Word of God. The more time we are spending with the Lord the less we will be distracted by the devils lies. This is an area I know I struggle with, but I will keep working on. Our relationship with Jesus needs to be our number one priority. If we get that right then we can better defend against the devil’s trickery and as scriptures tell us if we resist the devil then he will flee from us.

How awesome is that?


Here at Grace Community Church I don’t feel like we just have random people who show up on a Sunday for their weekly dose of feel good, but instead we have a community or really a family who shows up for each other and is there for one another. We mourn with those who are mourning and celebrate with those who are rejoicing. We get down in the trenches and help those in need. We don’t shy away from those who are different and instead greet them with a warm smile. We have an amazing team of teaching pastors who don’t shy away from the truth even if it’s controversial. They stand up for biblical truth and unfortunately that is becoming less common in our society. Are we perfect, absolutely not! But, I know we strive to do better each day and that as a whole we are a group of believers who love God and are not going to let the devil get us down!


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