We all have memories.  If we’re lucky, we especially have Thanksgiving and Christmas memories.  Maybe you had a small family and the holidays were a quiet  restful time together.  Maybe your family is pretty big and this time of year was crazy and loud.  I came from a big family on both Dad and Mom’s side.  Nine kids on one side and ten on the other.  Once all the grandkids started getting married it got even bigger with spouses and children of our own.  I can remember being so excited to not only get to see my grandparents, but all my cousins as well.


      When it was my mother’s side turn, (we had to trade off), We had to pack up the car with food, gifts, and our bags, because we drove to Kentucky and stayed a few days.  One of the adult couples would stay with my Uncle and Aunt who lived down the lane, and the other would stay with Pappaw and Mammaw. All the kids would make beds on the couches and floor of the living room.  


      My grandparent’s living room was huge.  There were Three couches, they had a hide-a-bed, and lots of room on the floor.  There was a huge stone fireplace that went from floor to ceiling.  Pappaw would build such a big fire, we barely needed blankets.  Mammaw had plenty of homemade quilts and pillows for everyone though.  Mammaw, Mom, and the Aunts cooked so much and Pappaw, Dad, and the Uncles would sometimes go hunting or just hang out.  Us kids…we got into a lot of shenanigans.  We were always outside.  Sometimes sledding, but basically running the hills of Kentucky.  


      We all had our favorite dish that was served, but Mammaw made something special.  There were always these dried apple hand pies.  I made them with her several times, but don’t ask me the recipe, because there isn’t one.  She would just say, “a little of this, a little of that”.  To this day I can’t get the crust right.  Somewhere between pie crust and biscuits lies the secret.  There was just the right amount of apples, cinnamon, and other spices.  She told me she made them especially for me.  They were so yummy.  My dad loved them too.  At her funeral, we found out that she made them especially for all of us.  Mammaw never showed favorites, but you always felt like you were favored.  She was kinda like Jesus in that respect.  


      We have so much to be thankful for.  He came to earth, was born in a stable, placed in a manger.  He went to the cross for us.  The thing is, He would have done it for just one of us.  We are all His favorite.  He made eternity especially for you and for me.  When I think of those apple pies, I think of Jesus.  I miss the pies and Mammaw and the time with family, but Jesus made it possible to see my family again.  I’m just betting Mammaw is making pies for all of us.  Just waiting to tell us, “I made these especially for you”!

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