This past week while sitting in my daughter’s gymnastics class, I had an experience with God. I was listening to worship music and scrolling along on my phone when the song “Christ Be Magnified” by Cody Carnes came on.

Right there, in the middle of all the other moms quietly passing the time, it was like God was speaking directly to my heart! It was an amazing moment for me. I sat there just thinking about how good God has been to me, how no matter the ways I fail, daily, He loves me and He’s for me!

I felt Him remind me that His name is El Roi, the God who sees me. That no fear or worry I have goes unnoticed by my Creator and that He has a love for me that will never be quantified. I was so overwhelmed with His goodness that I wanted so badly to just stand up where I was and begin to praise Him right then and there. I quickly realized though, that type of response may have been a bit concerning for the Mom sitting to my right with her activewear and Starbucks coffee. But nevertheless, I sat and prayed my praise, I sat and listened, I sat and welcomed His presence. 

Music, especially Christian music has always been a way I have felt close with God. Worship is my favorite thing to do. I’ve learned so much about God and His nature through songs written about Him. Some of the most connected moments I have had with God have come when I have been in worship. 

I think it’s because that’s what our souls were created to do! In the very beginning we were created to walk, commune, and be in the presence of God. We were created to give Him glory and honor. Our souls were primed to worship Him! 

The word worship means: “the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration”.

We were made to feel and express our reverence and adoration for Jesus. The best way I know how is through listening to music and giving myself time to be present with God in those moments. 

My family and I have experienced some difficult times. I know so many people right now who are dealing with unimaginable pain. The world we live in is so far from the paradise God wanted for us. Our own sin and rebellion have kept us so far from God that it’s hard to see Him through the mist. But one thing we need to remember is why we were created! 

We were created to “feel and express our reverence and adoration for Jesus”. Our soul just needs a little reminding sometimes. It is so important for us to be surrounded by people who point us to Jesus, for us to be consuming His Word daily, and for us to have moments where we sit and listen to worship music and give God time to speak to us. 

I have had so many times in my life where I have questioned why God wasn’t speaking to me. I’ve needed that connection but felt like it was lightyears away. 

When I feel that way and look at my habits I see my brain is so full of everything that I don’t have space for God in it… but just because we’re busy, distracted, and worried it doesn’t mean God’s not there, we’ve just not given Him the ability to show us just how close He is. 

God wants to move in your life, He just needs permission to.

He needs us to open our minds and hearts to Him. He needs us to stop filling ourselves up with things that were never meant to sustain us. He desires to walk and live with us, today and every day.

I have experienced this time and time again, when I give God time to speak to me, He does.  

So whether you’re sitting in a gymnastics class lobby, in your car, cooking dinner, in a waiting room, or even on the potty. Make yourself available to Him and see what He has for you. I promise you’ll be so glad you did!

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