Hi friends,


The past month has been extremely eye-opening. I have made wonderful memories with others, taken the time to examine my spiritual state, and made some important decisions regarding my future.


Over the past few months, I have neglected to listen to some things that God has called me to do. As many Biblical stories show time and time again, it has still come to pass. To be quite honest, I feel like Jonah being spat up on the shore to go to Nineveh; all I had done was merely delay the inevitable. Although I’m disappointed in myself for not listening at an earlier time, I can only move on from here.


A lesson that God has tried to teach me is that my plan is not always His. As many of my peers can attest to, I tend to be a grandiose planner with a strict schedule for said plans. However, I don’t always consult my God first. 


No, this is not the best testimony to my faith, but it’s high time I expose this important flaw to myself. I can’t keep sweeping it under the rug and pretending it doesn’t exist because if I don’t acknowledge it, how is God supposed to help me? Sometimes it’s important to rip away the curtain and expose all the cracks in the foundation of your faith to address them. If you don’t, they only get wider. 


The last blog I wrote was about control and relinquishing it to Him and the entire time I was writing, I realized I was merely preaching to myself. So in the past month, I have been making more efforts to let God come into my plans. No, my life has not magically become perfect in that time, but accepting that I don’t know everything and accepting there’s a God I can talk to who does, I feel more at peace with myself.


So I’ll leave you again with the same questions I asked a month ago: What is something God has been trying to teach you? Have you been paying attention to the lesson?


“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

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