March 5, 2019

7 Ways to Show God’s Love This Week

1.  Smile. If we are to let God’s light shine through us, a smile is the best place to start!  I have one of those faces that if I’m not smiling I look mad.  I have to be very aware of that.  Maybe you do too.  Make sure your face reflects God’s love! 2.  Pray […]



IN The “in” thing is whatever is fashionable or whatever is being talked about. Memes, videos, mom jeans, music…..we are drawn to what is “IN.” Recently at my church, I heard two different sermons (thanks, Jeff and Dennis!) involving Romans 8:1 “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Reading […]


God is Love


Hello, friends. Welcome to the blog! It’s hard to start a one-sided discussion cold-turkey, so I suppose the best way to begin a Christian blog is to state what Christianity means to me. God is love. He is the creator of the universe and He adores all of His creation. Christianity is living a life […]