Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to many different people of various backgrounds and cultures. I have dedicated hours of my time to helping those in need, whether they require someone to talk to or simply to listen to their qualms when they need to rant. There are some whom I still keep in touch with, knowing they are better off than before, some who are doing better but have chosen to leave that part of their lives behind, and some whom I can only hope are doing okay after our last messages or conversations. With so many different walks of life and struggles, there was a time when it began to weigh on me with the sheer number of people who needed help, and yet for some, a stranger they would never meet was their only source of comfort in those dark times. It made me wonder, “If I am brought so low just by the hurt and pain of this handful of people, how is it that God takes on the burdens of the entire human race and yet still loves us unconditionally?” I wrestled with these thoughts for years, but only recently did I come to realize that the simple answer is truly the only correct answer: He is almighty, and all things are possible through Him.


“The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” –

Psalms 9:9


God is always with us, in our good times and bad. But even so, why are we not always aware of His presence? Well, it could truly be for a plethora of reasons. Maybe it’s because some do not have enough faith in Him. Maybe it’s because some have chosen to push Him out of their hearts. But I think it’s just that His love is so endless that our bodies and hearts have become accustomed to feeling Him surround us with His love, and it’s just that we cannot see His actions without truly looking from the bottom of our hearts for Him and seeking out Him and His love. His actions are present in everything we do and all the things that occur around us. I mean, look at the miracle that is life. Did a group of atoms one day just come together to decide, “Hey, millions of us should work together simultaneously to form this wondrously complex thing called the human body, and we should give it its personality and characteristics and make it its own individual,” and then another group went “That looks like fun! We should do that too!” until we had over 7 billion clumps of atoms each with their quirks and identities just roaming around on this clump of rock in the middle of space that is also made up of an infinitesimal amount of atoms that all just happened to come together in the perfect spot in space away from this other group of atoms that decided they wanted to be hot so that the 7 billion clumps could survive perfectly without being too hot or too cold to survive? Now, doesn’t that sound impossible without just a little bit of help?


“So why doesn’t He help us directly more often?” Well, because He gave us free will to give us the ability to choose, to let us live our lives freely. He wants us to choose His love above all else, even though He knows the outcome of all things. “Why send so much pain to His creations?” For many, I believe that He wants us to overcome the hard times to see the brighter path at the end, but conversely, I do not believe He is the only one testing us. I believe that Satan is also putting trials ahead of us, pushing us to break, pushing us to fall, trying to prove his point and get us to stray further and further from God. But the only actions we can take are to stay strong do our best in any situation, and keep our belief in the one true God, Yahweh, for He is the light, the truth, and the way.

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