If you’re anything like me looking at the world today seems so very scary! I often get worried about what the future holds, not only for myself but, for my family and especially for my small children.

There seems to be so much pain, confusion, loss, stress; the list could go on and on. I know I haven’t ever experienced the world the way it is now. Never in my almost 30 years of life have I seen so much unrest or seen more people divided.

If I’m not careful I can allow that world view to ruin the good things in my life. I can allow beautiful moments that God is gifting me with to just pass by without being noticed because I am so focused on the craziness.

As I was thinking about that this morning, I realized that is EXACTLY what the devil wants for me. He wants me to be so focused on the world and things in it that I take my eyes from Jesus and what He is doing.

The Disciple, Peter, walked with Jesus. He experienced all of His miracles, seen all of His abundant compassion, and had a front-row seat to the movement that would change the entire world. Even during all of that, he was given the unique opportunity to be the star in another miracle.

We see in Matthew 14:22-33 Peter is the only man to ever be able to step out of a boat and walk onto water! I’m talking rough water, water that was big, strong, and seemingly out of control. This story of Peter shows us exactly what it is like during the storms in our lives. It shows us the chaos, it allows us to see our human nature and God’s amazing love all in one.

We see so many different things with Peter in this instance. We see his faith, his determination in following Jesus, we see his commitment and reckless abandon. Then all of a sudden we see something change. Peter goes from focused and faith-filled to fearful and weak. What was the difference?

Two things were constant in Peter’s story; the Storm and Jesus.

The storm was there the entire time, from his first step out until his first step in.

Jesus was there the entire time as well.

The thing that changed was Peter’s focus!

Peter was what he strived to be while he was looking at Jesus. He was fearless, faithful, strong, brave. It wasn’t until his focus shifted that he began to doubt all that he knew.

I believe the reason Peter stepped out of that boat, to begin with, was that he KNEW if Jesus was there he would be an overcomer. He believed that where Jesus was there was safety and security, there was life!

Peter’s human nature though, was to look around. The devil is very good at playing his games, one of which is distraction.

I mean, what else in the world could make someone take their eyes from God in the flesh to all of a sudden realizing a storm that had been there all along?

This tactic is something the devil has used throughout history and it is the one he will use until Jesus’ return. It’s something that we all fall into.

It’s no surprise to us that the world we live in is nothing less than broken. There is evil and hate in every nook and cranny.

But you know something else, Jesus still reaches down and picks us up just like He did for Peter. He still provides a safe place, blessings, and love that abounds. He still saves.

Let’s not allow the devil to control what we see. Look for God in the broken, in the pain, the loss, and worry. Just like Peter, we will find that even when we lose our focus and begin to sink we will be pulled up again by the One who gives freedom, comfort, strength, and life!

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