What does “rest” look like in 2020? I know that since the beginning of the year the majority of us have had more time at home than we have in a very long time. We have all had plans of some kind change, gotten canceled, or at the very least, “rescheduled due to the pandemic”. We have all found ourselves missing out on something, maybe even missing work.

I know for me, I’ve tried very hard to see the good in all of this. I’ve tried to lean into what God has been trying to say to me during this odd time in our world. I won’t tell you that I have any answers. But I do feel like something has been popping up in my life over and over again lately. It’s been the concept of “rest”.

Resting is something I think we ALL take for granted. When we have the time for it we feel obligated to be productive, when we don’t have the time we long for it, and when we make time for it we feel or are made feel, guilty for taking advantage of it.

I know even though my calendar was interrupted this year and I had fewer reasons to put on actual clothes, I wouldn’t say I was more restful. I mean in my case, I just had a baby, my second child, who has turned out to be an incredible blessing and an incredible adjustment. Restful moments are few and far between in my household in 2020 and I would venture to say they have been in yours as well, even if you were quarantined and home 99.9% of the time.

As a Mom, I often feel like I’m not doing enough with the time that I have. Even as I write this I am thinking of, last night, when I completely forgot that it was bath night and both my kids went to bed dirty. It bothered me so bad! I felt so guilty because one of the reasons I forgot about bath night was because I was EXTREMELY tired and took an hour or so to lay down and “rest”. It ate at me that I chose to take some time for myself. For a few moments, I stepped away from my responsibilities and my sweet little humans to get some physical rest. Just this week alone I have had conversations with 2 great friends who have expressed the same feelings.

What I feel like God is trying to show me is that rest is needed. I hear it all the time, especially in the church leadership world; “serve from your overflow”, meaning the only way to effectively serve those around you, whether in church or not is to do so by first filling yourself and then helping to fill others. The problem is; we try to do that backward. So often we start with everyone else and give no attention to our own needs. I say that to say there is a BIG difference in taking time for your own rest and being lazy or using that as an excuse to not do something you didn’t want to do in the first place. So make sure when making time for yourself it isn’t motivated by selfishness but by an understanding of self-love and respect. In essence, check your heart and really be open to the motivation behind the “no”.

It’s NOT a bad thing when we have to rest our bodies physically it’s good for us and the bible even says it’s good for us to rest our bodies spiritually as well!

That can mean a lot of things. Maybe it is finding a quiet place and reading your bible or saying a prayer. Maybe it is coming to church, listening to a church service online, or attending a small group or even having a small group over a video call.

It’s good for our souls to get away with God and have some time that is just with HIM.

It’s good for our bodies to have some time that is just for US.

And it’s good for those we love when we have some time that is just for THEM.

When we do that selflessly we learn to serve and love others from our overflow!

Don’t live in the guilt of taking advantage of the restful times God is allowing you!

Pray with me:

God, I ask that you would restore energy to those who are running on empty. You know who they are, you know where they are, you see them! I pray for peace and revitalization to fill us. I pray you give us times to reflect on You and Your love for us, keep the devil and his lies away, and fill us with your love and acceptance! We love You and we thank You! In Jesus name,


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