Easter Sunday is April 21st!  Who are you going to invite to church?

Did you know that people who do not attend church are more likely to attend on Easter than any other time of the year?   And studies have shown that 82% of unchurched people would attend church if they were personally invited.  That’s 8 out of 10!  So what are you waiting for? 

Invite them!

We have a very special service planned for Easter at Grace this year!

Here’s what to expect:

Easter services will be held at our regular service times of 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. Each service will include a multi-media presentation of the gospel through music, videos, and teaching by our Lead Pastor, Dennis Daniels.   Near the end of each service, we will have a Flowering of the Cross ceremony.  This will be a very special time in which a wooden cross wrapped in wire, will be placed at the front of the sanctuary and all those who would like to participate will come forward and place a flower onto the cross.  Flowers will be provided, but to make the experience a bit more personal, some may wish to bring their own flowers from home.    By the end of the service, the plain wooden cross, symbolic of Jesus’ sacrifice and death, will be transformed into a beautiful representation of new life through His resurrection. 

This experience will serve as a great reminder that we too are offered new life through Christ and He can transform our lives as well.   

So, who should you invite to this special Easter service?

  • The people in your household.  If you live with people who do not attend church- start there!  Invite them.  Jesus said that we are to spread the gospel into all the world, so the best place to start is in your own household!  Make sure your spouse, children, parents, and siblings all know that you want them to attend church with you.
  • Your close friends and family.  Make sure that the people you love the most are connected to a church family.  If they are not, invite them to be a part of yours here at Grace. 
  • Your Facebook and social media friends.   Share the social media invitation from the Grace Community Church Facebook page and say that you would like to invite everyone to join you at church on Easter at whichever service time you will be attending.  Ask them to let you know they are coming so that you can save them a seat and meet them at the door. 
  • Your co-workers.  You are probably around your co-workers almost as much as your family.  Surely, they know you attend church.  But, don’t just expect them to show up without an invitation.  Make sure they know that you’d love to see them at your church on Easter Sunday.  Pick up some invitation cards from Grace and personally pass them out to everyone. 
  • Anyone who you know is not regularly attending church and has recently mentioned to you that they are going through struggles.  This is a person who is searching for solutions and you have the answer- Jesus Christ!  Introduce them!  A simple invitation may be all it takes to change their lives.

And the #1 person that you should invite to church on Easter Sunday is…

  • The person you thought of when you were reading this blog.  Oh… did you think that person popped into your mind by coincidence?  Nope.  Nothing is a coincidence with God.  Invite them!

Well, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and invite everyone you know to meet Jesus at Grace Community Church on Easter Sunday!  You never know whose life will change because of it!

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