Fighting the Battle for Worthiness,

Being a women in 2019 is a difficult one; but let’s face it, women in every generation have had their battles to fight.

Women have faced and fought social struggles since the beginning of creation!

From the right to vote and the work reform, the right to own land, the battle for equal pay and opportunities in the workplace, the stigmas we have placed around being a wife, a mother, a cook and caregiver, to countless other titles and characteristics the society, of the time, tells us we should fit.

I am thankful that, in my experience, those basic rights have come to fruition for the women in our country today. I am thankful for the women who sacrificed and fought, HARD, to allow me the rights that I have, the rights every women should have! I am thankful that, for the most part, those are the battles I don’t have to fight. However, that does not mean the war on women is over!

Being a woman in 2019 is difficult.

Not because of suffrage, bigotry, or misogyny but because of the wars we have with the person looking back at us in the mirror!

For too long we have allowed the world we live in to determine who we are and who we should be. We’ve looked to a bankrupt world to tell us how valuable we are! And it’s lied to us! WE have GIVEN the right to see ourselves for who we truly are away because we have allowed ourselves to be seen through the lens of the world rather than the lens of Christ!

This world will lie to us; it will tell us to be things we couldn’t ever be and break us down for failing. It will put unrealistic expectations and aspirations on us, it will bombard us with stress and anxiety and guilt and frustration. Our children will and already are fighting wars of worthiness because they too are believing the lie that they aren’t “good enough”, “pretty enough”, “talented enough”, “strong enough”, all because we have been comparing ourselves to Instagram filters instead of looking at what God has to say to us and about us!

No, these things don’t only affect women but I feel as though this is the message God is wanting me to give to my tribe, and to myself.

Women, history has shown us that we can do AMAZING things when we come together. God has given us a unique ability to be both fiercely strong and warmly compassionate, we have the ability to shape generations and God has given us a voice that we should use to glorify Him and it starts by seeing ourselves the way HE sees us!

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Recently I heard this statement “worth is only that to which someone would pay” and I guess that’s right. Something is only valuable if someone is willing to pay for it. Guess what! Someone did!

Over 2,000 years ago Jesus walked this earth. He lived, laughed, cried, faced unimaginable situations and temptations, but being God has it’s advantages! He won, He won the battle over this world and the lies it can tell ONCE and FOR ALL!

So, what if? What if when we looked in the mirror we saw ourselves as valuable, wonderful, worthy, image bearers of the God who stepped out of Heaven and walked out of the grave? How amazingly could we lead our families, our churches, and our communities?

That “what if” can be a reality! We serve a living God who has the desire to pour into us the love He has for us! We just have to be willing to listen!

Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans

Youth Director at Grace Community Church
As a student in high school, Jessica attended Grace with a friend and was a member of the youth group. After graduation and getting married in 2010 her and her husband, Jeff, felt lead back to Grace for Easter in 2013. Shortly after, they were both called to ministry in the youth department as well as being offered full-time positions as staff members.
Jessica Evans

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One thought on “Fighting the Battle for Worthiness

  1. Very good blog Jessica! Insightful and right on the money. We live in a world where our worth is only judged by our performance. In God’s view, it is not our performance, but our belief in Jesus’ performance. He is worthy in God’s eyes, so I am worthy. The funny thing is, when you stop trying to control your behavior and instead focus on what Jesus did and who he says you are, your behavior changes – like an effortless side effect.

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