So that’s it, the election is over, the new President of the United States is announced and soon the discussion will subside; soon we will be able to resume our “funny cat video” binge watching, baby picture posting, and “hilarious pick up line” sharing social media experience. Some “won” in this election and some lost, some are angry and some are the opposite but I believe we can all agree this was a difficult election season in our country, we are in a difficult time in our nation, and no matter who you believe is at fault, we can agree that something has to change, but I have to ask; have we as Christians missing the point? Have we looked to the wrong people, have our words on social media driven a wedge further between our “friend lists” and the values we hold? Have we proven to our friends without faith that we are no different than the next guy with an option? Have we forgotten that our nation’s “saving grace” isn’t coming in the form of a President, it’s in the form of a King! Are we reflecting His love, His grace, His “hope for a future”? Is that us, or are we just caught up in an election and forgetting about the people He came to save?


This nation is flawed and broken, we see that it’s everywhere! But I believe the way to overcome this brokenness is by showing Jesus ALWAYS by being kind like HIM, by forgiving like HIM, by loving like HIM. The only way to heal this nation is with Jesus and WE, the church, HIS body, do that by reflecting who He is, every day! We stand with Grace with those who lead, we forgive those who offend us and pray for those who don’t share our belief! We stand up for the things we believe, all the while showing love and grace to those who believe differently and most importantly, we think before we speak or before posting on social media. The Bible tells us in
Luke 6:45 A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.
I pray that we are people who speak good things, that we reflect with our mouths what Jesus has done in our hearts! Showing Him in our actions and conversations not just about this election but far beyond it!
I am convinced that we can make this nation something to be proud of, a place that is filled with God’s favor and fruitfulness and I am convinced all the more that we can shine Light into the darkness and help people to see Who is in control, not from a distant throne but walking every day beside us! HE is our only hope for the future and HE is our ONLY hope for change!
Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans

Youth Director at Grace Community Church
As a student in high school, Jessica attended Grace with a friend and was a member of the youth group. After graduation and getting married in 2010 her and her husband, Jeff, felt lead back to Grace for Easter in 2013. Shortly after, they were both called to ministry in the youth department as well as being offered full-time positions as staff members.
Jessica Evans

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