What does it mean to have a Servant’s Heart? The dictionary defines “Servant” as a person who performs duties for others, or a devoted, helpful follower or supporter.

Wow, right?

I mean I don’t think you could get any better of a definition than that. A Servant’s Heart is someone who provides for the needs of others, who is devoted and helpful and supports those around them. As a Jesus follower that is exactly what I strive to live up to and exactly what we are called to be.

When I think of people in my life who have a Servant’s Heart, other characteristics come to mind also. Like selflessness, forgiving, someone who isn’t’ easily angered or offended, someone who is grateful, encouraging and uplifting for the people they come into contact with.

I’m sure that you have people like that in your life as well. But even as great as those people are, we have an even better example of a Servant’s Heart, in Jesus.

He is the very picture definition of a servant, His heart is all of those things and more and because He is God, there is no fault in Him and His example.

None of us are naturally born with the desire to have this type of heart, we live in a world full of characteristics of its own. Almost all of which directly conflict with being a servant. We are all born into a world that makes us selfish, condemning, frustrated, ungrateful and negative. So having a Servant’s Heart doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it takes guidance and a whole lot of Jesus to help our hearts change and develop into a heart that looks more like His and less like the worlds.

A good place to start building this new heart is by looking for opportunities to use your gifts and talents in service to others.

For example, If you’re a talented photographer, use that talent unselfishly for others! Maybe that looks like doing some free family photos or offering to take photos for a small price and then donating that money to a charity that means something to you. Maybe it’s something as simple as taking pictures at an event and posting those pictures with an amazing review online.

Look for ways to serve around your church. If you see something that needs to be fixed or picked up, do it. If there are departments in your church looking for volunteers, be one! Just always be on the lookout for the need and fill it.

People with Servant’s Hearts aren’t preoccupied with finding a service they would like to do but focus more on just finding a need and meeting it.

The Good news is after we start following behind Jesus and taking our cues from the way He served people our Servant’s Heart will develop more and more and we will become more and more like Jesus.

Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans

Youth Director at Grace Community Church
As a student in high school, Jessica attended Grace with a friend and was a member of the youth group. After graduation and getting married in 2010 her and her husband, Jeff, felt lead back to Grace for Easter in 2013. Shortly after, they were both called to ministry in the youth department as well as being offered full-time positions as staff members.
Jessica Evans

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